October 8, 2015
The third release on Unmapped North is now available. Pour the Poison Out and Let Them Play Until the End from Pittsburgh's 8cylinder is a double 10" record pressing that is also available as a digital release. The first 10" consists of 6 original tracks while the second 10" contains 2 single-take recordings.

Both the digital and vinyl versions can be purchased at unmappednorth.bandcamp.com.

July 3, 2014
Thac0 Records and Unmapped North releases are now available on bandcamp. This includes the entire back catalogs for each label with the exception of the "Jagoff Uprising" compilation on Thac0 Records.

http://thac0records.bandcamp.com http://unmappednorth.bandcamp.com

March 7, 2012
The second 10" record release from Unmapped North is now available. Panic is a 4-track EP featuring electronic music and noise from 8cylinder. Like the first release, this 10" record comes in a hand silkscreened jacket and is limited to 100 copies. Head over to the releases section to hear audio samples from this recording. Copies of Panic can be purchased at Mind Cure Records or directly from dave 8cylinder in person.

Be sure to check out the Sharps Injury/Disheveled split 12" record recently released on Thac0 Records. This record can also be found at Mind Cure Records as well as IsoTank Mailorder and Redscroll Records. In Europe, this will soon be available at Ad Noiseam. For more information about this release, go to Thac0 Records.

November 3, 2010
The first release from Unmapped North is now available.

The Emperor's Champion 10" record pressing from Pittsburgh's 8cylinder contains four tracks, one dedicated to each of the four vows a Black Templar can be bound to. The Emperor's Champion comes in hand silkscreened jackets and is limited to 100 copies. Copies can be ordered by email or purchased directly from dave 8cylinder in person for $5 each. See the releases section for more information.

Unmapped North does not signal the end of Thac0 Records. Both labels will continue to operate for the foreseeable future.

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